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Gadget is a young street urchin. He got 'the Spark' at an unusually young age and his brilliance with the mechanical (particularly traps, toxins and more recently automota) is let down by his impulsive and reckless attitude towards safety ((in part due to Ritalin not existing in the 1830's!)). Tough, Dirty and fiercly loyal to his friends, he lives by his wits on the streets and at the Freak House, fleecing tourists and citizens of their money at every opportunity and scavanging technology wherever he can lay his hands on it, legally or otherwise. His absinth and smoking habits raise eyebrows for one so young, as does his somewhat colourful language at times. Although wildly over confident about his own abilities and safety, he can nock a fly of a pigs back at 100yards with his ever present slingshot. To his surprise, Gadget inherited a Freak Show from his Uncle. Conditions of the Will dictate that Gadget must keep the freak show running and he has waisted no time in striking a surreptitious deal with the undertaker to supply the contents of various formaldehyde jars. He surprised the women's guild by his attendance at a sewing course and shortly afterwards unveiled his latest collection of "authentic and rare two-headed exhibits". He is also his neighbour, Airship pioneer Different Enjinne's apprentice. Gadget has felt a nagging sense of guilt that the escape of the Beestie from his trap last year led to Moriarty's re-birth, and the possibility that may be connected with the recent dangers the city faces. He has sworn to make amends and has been acting somewhat strangely of late and in a world of his own, wandering around looking at the floor or the sky and muttering to himself as if preoccupied with some weighty affair.


Gadget was drawn to New Babbage like magnetised iron. Raised by his father following his mothers disappearance, he talks little about his early origins. It is known that his father was a great pioneer in aviation. From an early age Gadget was more likely to be seen with his father, a spanner in his grubby mits than a teddy bear. A disastrous test flight orphaned Gadget after which scant details are known until his arrival in Babbage. He left his last town in a hurry following the incident involving the disappearance of the mayors prized garden gate at the same time Gadget was allegedly seen riding a decorative ironwork off-road penny farthing. A natural reverse engineer, his love of the dis-assembly and re-assembly (but not necessarily in the same order) of all things mechanical has left many shaking fists in his wake.


Anyone enquiring into the background of Gadget's late uncle and benefactor would find no record of any travelling freak show in the Starsider name. They would however find some peculiar and obscure scientific papers published by a Mr Frederick Starsider on "Mendelian Inheritance and Humans", "Manipulations of the Law of independent assortment", "The California Buckeye Tree", "Ivanovsky and the Replication Cycle" and "Membrane proteins, ion channels and Apoptosis".


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