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People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.

Orpheus (aka The Maestro) is a Timelord, rescued as a child from the horrors of the Great Time War. Much of his past remains a mystery. He has had three known regenerations. (See Picks for more detailed information)


A child of the Great Time War. Orpheus was one of the few to be sent to the "Three Minute City," and then sent to a parallel universe to grow up far from the horrors of the war. As a child, Orpheus appeared in the city state of New Babbage, but soon after arriving, an accident sent him back in time many years. A few years later (from his perspective at least) a Time Scoop pulled him out of time and returned him to New Babbage, where he spent most of his youth.

Notable Facts:
* Because Orpheus is so young, he does not fully understand that he is in fact an alien. He is aware that he was sent away from his home to escape a war, but he does not remember where home is.

* Possibly due to his alien physiology, possibly due to his repeated trips through time, Orpheus has a great sensitivity to the Dreamlands. He has spent an extensive amount of time traveling the Dreamlands, but does not usually speak of this to anyone. He does keep a detailed journal where he documents his travels.

First Incarnation:

As an adult, Orpheus became aware of his true nature. He spent some time on a Gallifreyan Space Station learning about his past, but he soon became bored and stole a Tardis. He spent most of travels on Earth, investigating the monsters that haunted his nightmares as a child. He was infected by a virus that reanimated the dead, and while seeking a cure he arrived back at New Babbage, although it was earlier in the timeline than the New Babbage he grew up in.

Notable Facts:
* This incarnation usually dressed in a dark suit and tie and wore brightly colored sneakers, Wayfarer Sunglasses, and a black fedora.

Second Incarnation:

After arriving in New Babbage, Orpheus (also known as The Maestro) regenerated after succumbing to the Z-Virus. The newly regenerated Timelord became involved with investigating what became known as "The Black Heart Affair."

Notable Facts:
* This incarnation often wore brighter colored suits, usually blue, and a long brown overcoat. He also was often seen with a brightly colored scarf and a tank operator's hat during the winter months of the investigation.

Third Incarnation:

After regenerating again, the Maestro once again found himself at the heart of a New Babbage Mystery. Monsters from a parallel world were entering this one, and cracks in the universe were beginning to form. Someone from the future had come back to warn of the impending destruction of New Babbage. The Maestro was a key player in the investigation of the "Aether Monsters," and in an attempt to seal the cracks that had formed in reality, he flew the Tardis into one, sacrificing himself in the process. The cracks were sealed and the destruction of New Babbage was averted.

However, a version of himself from the alternate timeline had ALSO flown into the crack, and somehow emerged from the Void. He was eventually imprisoned for meddling with multiple timestreams.

Notable Facts:
* This incarnation often wore period clothing appropriate to New Babbage, but always wore aviator goggles and a Bowler Hat.


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