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Mr. Gaffer is a skilled merchant, plying unique wares and trade goods around the steamlands. Recently, he has started a salvage business in the Vernian Sea. Since so many experiments go awry and splash down in the waters surrounding our sooty City, the new enterprise has seen its share of profit and adventures.

He considers himself a jack of all trades. An accomplished sailor and pilot, Gaffer has served with distinction in the Royal Caledon Air Force and as Chief of the Caledon Fire Brigade before emigrating to the City.


Mr. Gaffer's origins are mysterious. He is rumored to be a time traveler, though he will deny this if asked. The tale is told that he hails from the 29th Century and has a time travel mechanism high above the City. His is tasked to observe history, but never interfere in the natural course of development. He certainly does have a knack for being in the right place at the right time to observe special moments in history as it unfolds.

He is also quite blue and hairless, that is his natural shade, thank you. However, some have reported seeing Mr. Gaffer as a bald, goatee-sporting human at some events. It is not clear if he can indeed change form or if the stories are simply being poorly recounted.

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