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Dominic Lapis. Mnemonist, computer, swordsman. I will never be bested by a machine.


I came to New Babbage from Ravila at the request of Father Moonwall, to what I hoped would be a nice quiet teaching position as fencing master for a small, select group of students in a quiet industrial town. Since my arrival, I have been verbally abused by the citizenry, my character has come into question by my superiors, and I've been implicated in a murder. What else is going to go wrong?

"The will rises and makes a most powerful imperative; brain and memory obey like an electric switch" - A. C. Aitken


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  • The Church in New Babbage is the last vestige of the Old Empire. This group is for those who wish to portray clerical or lay members of the church.

  • Those who are simply addicted to the strife...

  • A group for employees and regulars of Babbage's roughest saloon