Death and I have a funny relationship...

"COME ON THEN! DO IT!" Wright shouted at the pirate who had entered his room at the Essex Hotel, the same pirate who he had held captive a week ago. He had expected this, he deserved it, after all. All monsters had to find themseleves at the business end of a shotgun.


In Which the Witching Hour Comes and Departs

     Maddox was lost in thought as she dozed in her rocking chair. As she stroked her slowly growing belly, she mused on what the baby would look like. She was interested to know what sex the petite trublion would be -- More especially whom her petite would take after the most.


The London Necropolis Railway Or: I'm sure some people know about this but I didn't so now you do!

I've been reading a lot of nonfiction books lately, particularly those dealing with everyday life in various centuries and a few following the lives of one or two notable (or not so notable) people, sometimes in exquisite detail.


Marriage or Death (Conclusion)

It was later than Henri had realized when he had gotten off the ship after the captain had made all his preperations to disembark, but it was no matter.


Marriage or Death (Part 7)

Henri had gotten more sleep in the sewers than elsewhere, and he'd only been forced to move a few times thanks to rats.  At one point he'd dreamed about a new voice that had caught fire, which he had tried to have a drink with but it was all so vague now it didn't seem to matter.  Quite odd, but then dreams were supposed to be.

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