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New Babbage Business Gazette

A group for traders of ALL kinds to advertise to their customers.

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Ahab's Bane Tavern

The dirtiest, roughest den of scum and villiany in New Babbage.

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Friends of the New Babbage Archive

These noble unthanked persons maintain the Archives at our wiki project. You could be one too.

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Tales from New Babbage

Tales from New Babbage is a semi-regular audio podcast, broadcast on Radio Riel under the umbrella of Radio Riel Players.

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The first public utility of New Babbage, providing steam to buildings in the city proper since it commenced operations in 1840.

Mr Salazar Jack 1 Invite only
The Bucket of Blood

A group for employees and regulars of Babbage's roughest saloon

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Automata And Clockwork Persons

A collective community of clockwork persons, steam golems, and automata of all types and functions.

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New Babbage Volunteer Militia

The umbrella organization for the City armed forces.

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Roleplayers Anonymous

Those who are simply addicted to the strife...

Akidami Swift 39 Join
Ruby's Pub

a meeting place for all

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Church of The Builder

The Church in New Babbage is the last vestige of the Old Empire. This group is for those who wish to portray clerical or lay members of the church.

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Babbage Street Urchins

The Urchins Of Babbage

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New Babbage Hoteliers Association

New Babbage Hoteliers Association

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The New Babbage Ladies Liberty League

Bustle Burning Bonefires, Rampaging with Picket Signs, Pie

Verlia Bilavio 13 Join
New Babbage Clackers Front

An alliance of those who compose instructions for Analytical Engines and their ilk

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