The 2017 Oiling Festival


Welcome to the 9th Annual New Babbage Oiling Festival, our version of
Spring Cleaning. We hope you will have time to visit.. and build!

The original Oiling Festival was held in 2009 to add needed items to
the city inventory and invite the greater steamlands to experience the
Babbage way of life.  All good citizens and visiting steamlanders are
encouraged to roll up their sleeves, show their national pride,  and

The Festival is now open. Building stops at midnight on APRIL 15th.  

You may use any building technique at your disposal, althought
sculpts will be barred from categories that are intended to be added to
city inventory. Building in place encourages sharing
information and techniques, it helps everyone become a better builder, and it makes it feel like the bad old days when we used to all stand around and watch each other push a prim around.

And..... don't forget to put what you build on Marketplace so we can all
enjoy it for years to come. (Not to mention that sales help you stay on
your land, which keeps the city rezzed! you only have to list it once!)

Judging and walk around to admire the results will take place on Sunday, APRIL 16th.

This years categories are:

(please hold your "hey, where's this?" comments until everything is worked out and posted)



Mr Tenk's picture
Reply by Mr Tenk | Wed, 15 March - 7:46 pm SLT


sponsor: Mosseveno Tenk
land impact: 15 max rooftop, 25 max freestanding
prizes: L$ 3000/2000/1000

Because we need more hardware on the skyline! Clutter  it up. Or maybe Tenk has been watching too much Daredevil on Netflix. I know you can do better than some of what is on marketplace.

Place entries at Central Cemetary back lot. Place all entries on the ground.

Mr Tenk's picture
Reply by Mr Tenk | Wed, 15 March - 7:45 pm SLT

ELEVATED RAIL (Infrastructure Replacement)

sponsor: Mosseveno Tenk
land impact: be reasonable
prizes: L$ 5000/4000/3000

The iconic 42 prim uprights on the elevated tracks in Babbage Canals have a "true impact" of over 1500. They gotta go. Will be looking for a replacement that keeps the drama of the originals. Distance LOD is important. Presentation can be as a kit - uprights, tracks, undertrack supports, access ladders, etc.

Place entries parallel to existing tracks on designated lot.

Mr Tenk's picture
Reply by Mr Tenk | Wed, 15 March - 8:06 pm SLT

land impact 100
prizes: L$ 3000/2000/1000

There's a certain sense of awe one gets when watching a monumental engine go through its paces - whether it's the massive pistons of an ocean liner's engine room or the elegant, massive power of a beam engine pumping water. So build one - it does't matter what it does, but it should move, be noisy, and be huge. An HBM will fit on a 25x25 meter platform and have a land impact of no more than 100.  Entry limited to platforms available. One entry per person. Build only on city provided platform, rez prim on platform to claim. IM Mosseveno Tenk if you need more platforms.

GROUP 1 - Builders Square  (4 platforms)

GROUP 2 - Clockhaven Harbor

Klaus Wulfenbach's picture
Reply by Klaus Wulfenbach | Fri, 17 March - 6:43 pm SLT

I would be honoured to be accepted as the sponsor for this competition.

Mr Tenk's picture
Reply by Mr Tenk | Wed, 15 March - 8:24 pm SLT


sponsor: Edward Pearse
land impact 1
prizes: L$

Give us your selfie that shows your buildy side. Selected entries will be collected for a calendar. Place on easels at the Pearse'd & Cut mainstore in Babbage Palisade.

Edward Pearse's picture
Reply by Edward Pearse | Thu, 16 March - 4:15 am SLT

I can up the Land impact to 2 if that helps.

Prizes: 1st L$2000, 2nd L$1000, 3rd L$500

Azura Loring's picture
Reply by Azura Loring | Sat, 18 March - 2:20 am SLT

Placed an easel outside of Pearse'd & Cut and my shop in Capabilty Mews for anyone which needs one. LI of one, just take a copy or buy for 0 L$. Just drag and drop your picture to the big white area and done.

Captain Killian's picture
Reply by Captain Killian | About 12 hours ago

Questions: I have some. Does it have to be a selfie? Can I take a pic of someone else and split the winnings, if any, with the subject? 

Oh, and is any member of Fngineers of Babbage considered a builder, or only literal, virtual builders-from-scratch?

Edward Pearse's picture
Reply by Edward Pearse | About 8 hours ago

You can have someone else in the portrait if you want. As far as who is a builder, if you want to interpret it as say, builder of stories or builder of social groups or whatever, that's entirely up to you :-)

Mr Tenk's picture
Reply by Mr Tenk | Wed, 15 March - 8:42 pm SLT


sponsor: Mosseveno Tenk
land impact: how low can you go?
prizes: L$ 3000/2000/1000

The problem with maintaining a city scape is that when there's too much sky showing, or too much empty land, folks start getting... nervous. That's when you need a low prim fake to put in the empty space next to the building you actually do use to fill in the street and keep things tight.

Build some fakes. Slums? Shops? Rowhouses? Warehouses? Something else? Pick something. Fake buildings normally have no interiors, but that's up to you. Build full size.

Note Bene: "Crackerbox" style buildings will be rejected. We don't do that anymore. (and yes, i know there are still a few standing here and there around town, all of them very old).

Rez on the lower rampart in Quarry Hill in some semblance of a street layout.


Mr Tenk's picture
Reply by Mr Tenk | Wed, 15 March - 9:41 pm SLT


land impact: 10
prizes: L$ 3000/2000/1000
Fauve Aeon is offering a special bonus prize for "something with tentacles"

Put a poster (required) with an image and description of your beastie on one of the easels at the Clockhaven Aquarium. Place your fish (optional if you built it) in one of the tanks. Please make sure it stays in the tank. The fish should be able to be added to a 7Seas fishing system.


Loki Eliot's picture
Reply by Loki Eliot | Tue, 4 April - 2:24 am SLT

And how does a fish become compatable with 7seas system exactly?