The Devils of New Babbage walking the labyrinth below!


The Devils of New Babbage walking the labyrinth below!

 It was on shrove Tuesday that a gathering of New Babbage residents held the annual Pancake Race. Held underground in one of the more clean parts of the sewer system, the contestants created a cacophony of joyous laughter as they competed for the coveted Pancake Trophy.

The results for the first round of races were the street urchins race won by young Nat Merit, a remarkable achievement for a young boy who lost one leg during the infamous Turkey Baby incident. The Adult race was won by Holocluck Henly. The results of the later second round of racing saw the urchin race won by everyones favourite Jimmy Brannagh.

But it was after the race that events took a twist as one urchin by the name of Tommy Aljin complained that he had tripped on a large stone. Upon closer examination the the stone resembled a carved hook or claw. it was then that others started to discover more of these strange stones scattered throughout the sewer floor. 

Some suggested these were carved stones from a broken statue while others claimed they were fossils from the time of dinosaurs. What is certain is that these stones were being left in the sewers by someone and that they must have been place there as recent as this year since workmen on the sewers had never mentioned such stones before. 

Some the stones have been sent for examination by scientists and scholars to determine what exactly these objects are and perhaps shed light on their origin. Meanwhile the street urchins that frequent the maze of sewers keep finding more and the interest in these strange stones is increasing. “They may very well be worth something’ said a Mr Briggs of the Krakenwell Factory. ‘If it is true that these are a rare stone found only here under New Babbage, who knows what collectors might pay’.

Fossilised remains on creatures such as ammonites are quite frequent all over the coastal cliffs, but larger and more rare finds are known to fetch a pretty penny with the right sort of collectors. Could New babbage be on the cusp of a rare fossil boom, or is tomfoolery a foot? or perhaps the unfortunate nickname the urchins of New Babbage have given these strange stones is closer to the truth, and that these are indeed Devil Toenails?

Babbage Chronicle Periodicle - Marcus Goodbee


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I shall look forward to see what develops.