Snow Squirrel Contest Results! Yay!


'What time is is?' Muttered Jack as the judges finally left the power station after their long deliberation.

'Sometime... After... Teatime...' Noted the hulking clockwork Unit #6.

The dark unicorn looked about, 'Its somewhat later than that! We have been talking for three weeks!'.



Its that time again! Time to announce the winners of the snow animal contest!


1st Place: Squirrel in Hat by Tepic Harlequin


2nd Place: Squarrel 2.0 meshed by Aberdon Enigma & Fauve Aeon


3rd Place: JL m* Steampunk Snowquirrel (he has gears n steam!!!) by Joyus Sohl


Congratulations to the winners who all scored highly in Squirreliness,  Skitteriness and SQUEE! Yay!

Now for the notable mentions, which also this year includes two squirrels that did not want to be part of the main contest even though they met all the criteria to enter.

Notable mentions:


Snow squirrel ! by Azura Loring


Not for Competition by Jimmy Branagh


NOT competing Squirrel by Silas Merlin


Thank you to all those who took part, see you all again next year for another astonishing snow animal contest! Yay!


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Reply by Avariel Falcon | Sat, 21 January - 10:17 am SLT

A couple of notes on prizes.

We have a joint entry so the prize will be split equally between the two co-creators. We also have two non-competing squirrels and these will not receive the usual L$100 notable entry prizes as they are not official entries. They will however be immortalised in the Flickr album.


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Reply by Azura Loring | Sat, 21 January - 11:31 am SLT

Yay! Congrats everyone !


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Reply by Felisa Fargazer | Sun, 22 January - 12:15 pm SLT

And my judging of the cats... of which there were only two.

First place goes to Azura Loring, with her monorail cat. (Hey, it made me laugh!)

Second place goes to Tepic's snow cat.

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Reply by Avariel Falcon | Mon, 23 January - 1:01 am SLT

Monorail SnowCat!! by Azura Loring:


Snow Cat (Basic prims) by Tepic Harlequin:

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Reply by Azura Loring | Sun, 22 January - 1:32 pm SLT

hehe Yay!