Babbage Chronicles - A Girl Meets a Boy


So after months of work i'm finally  pushing the Babbage Chronicles Experience to the rest of the New Babbage Community.

What is Babbage Chronicles?

Babbage Chronicles is a Mystery Clue hunt game set in New babbage. You take the role of an investigatory Journalist searching for stories locked away within the walls of the city. Using the Second Life Experiences Game System and the embedded Media Plugin Babbage Chronicles hopes to deliver a seamless adventure.

To start your Babbage Chronicles Experience simply click the START board.

The BC Cog

Once you have joined the Babbage Chronicles Experience you will discover that every time you visit the New Babbage Regions a small Cog icon will appear in the bottom right of your screen. The BC Cog shows you are in the experience and is where you can access unlocked Stories by clicking for a pop up menu. It will also alert you to possible roleplay elements in future.

When you first Start Babbage Chronicles you should receive a pop up message with Quick Tips followed by a message to visit Marcus Goodbee.

Pop up captions progress by either clicking NEXT or moving your avatar after a short pause if it shows MOVE.

When searching for clues, points of interest will be signified by the ‘ALERT’ icon. Clicking the icon when it appears should either activate a story chapter or supply helpful information.

NOTE: The BC Cog will always attach itself to you when ever you are in any of the New Babbage Regions and can not be removed. It is meant to sit discreetly at the bottom of your screen.

A Q&A for the experience can be located HERE and will be updated with more as i gain feedback.

A Girl Meets a Boy

When you first start the esxperience you wll be told to meet Marcus Goodbee. He will introduce you to the Bababge Chronicles then suggest you visit a bridge. This is when you actaully start uncovering the first Babbage Chronicles Story.

I hope those who have a go find that it works well and enjoy the little story. I plan to offer much bigger darker stories in 2017 as well as RP now that the ground work is done. Untill then please try it out and give me feedback so i can better improve it. The plan is to release it to a wider Second Life community in themiddle of next year.

You can find the New Babbage Chronicles HQ at Cobblestone house 


River Falcon's picture
Reply by River Falcon | Tue, 20 December - 9:23 am SLT

I did enjoy trying this out. It was really well produced. Top marks to Loki Eliot for a job well done.

Orpheus Angkarn's picture
Reply by Orpheus Angkarn | Tue, 20 December - 5:40 pm SLT

Fantastic! Just the thing to draw me back into the city. I look forward to trying this out.

Bookworm Hienrichs's picture
Reply by Bookworm Hienrichs | Sat, 1 April - 8:26 am SLT

I finally got the chance to try this out - quite fun!  And, once I toggled the media auto-play, it went very smoothly.