Advertisment From the Morning 'Snitch'

Work Advert - Penny Gaff Publishing

This morning's Canal Street Snitch shared the following advertisement...

((For additional details, please email


Garnet Psaltery's picture
Reply by Garnet Psaltery | Sat, 1 September - 2:52 am SLT

Dear Mr. Knavish,

I know little about Photoshop and, if only for that reason, am not applying for the post.  I am, however, very good at spelling and laughing witheringly should you ever require a proof-reader cum critic.  You may pay me in lozenges.

Yours truly,

Miss Garnet Psaltery

The Reporter's picture
Reply by The Reporter | Sat, 1 September - 7:11 pm SLT

Dear Miss Psaltery,

  I thank you for your answering of the advertisement posted just yesterday in the Snitch.  While I appreciate your offer, and may yet intend to make use of your services, it would aid me still more to locate a gifted "Photoshop-er".  If you know of any, please let them to know where they may apply.

  ((If you are truly interested in providing proofreading services or writing as a critic for the 'Snitch' when it re-debuts, please send an email our way.))

Most Respectfully,

Mr. Alastair Knavish

Osric Worbridge's picture
Reply by Osric Worbridge | Sun, 2 September - 2:58 am SLT

I have experiance with photoshop. (Currently using GIMP, it gets the job done.)

The Reporter's picture
Reply by The Reporter | Sun, 2 September - 6:21 am SLT

Mr. Worbridge,

Excellent!  May I correspond ((via our email)) further with you on the matter? If so, I look forward to hearing from you!

Most Respectfully,

Mr. Alastair Knavish