Automata And Clockwork Persons

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]PREPARE GROUP "Automata And Clockwork Persons"

Group prepared.


Begin description:

This group represents an assemblage of the assembled: those citizens, visitors, and associates of New Babbage who are constructed of partially or mostly or entirely mechanical devices, and who also participate in aetheric communique.  All are welcome to join and comment.


Description committed.


Resuming Job #2275XD4...


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Reply by Fono Heninga | Sat, 28 August - 12:35 pm SLT

10 PRINT AT 10,25: "<3"

20 GOTO 10

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Reply by Primary Gears | Mon, 13 September - 6:48 am SLT


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Reply by Gizzzy Allen | Thu, 16 September - 1:03 pm SLT

tick tick tick

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Reply by Glaubrius Valeska | Mon, 4 October - 10:14 am SLT

Here we have a short story, by none other than E. A. Poe, of a mechanically enhanced individual, entitled The Man That Was Used Up:

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