Moriarty spotted at Oiling Festival!


So i was looking to see all the great stuff created for the Oiling Festival when all of a suddenly Jason Moriarty appears  strolling down the steps. I was quick on me feet to hides behind some crates, some of which where making awlful noises like monkeys or sumfin. Anyways i watched as Moriarty went over and looked at the big scary eye balling machine with the nashing mouth. Well then all this lightning came out of the machine and went like into Moriarty and then there was a huge flash and smoke. Before i knows it Moriarty was gone and the machine was still working. 


Yang Moreau's picture
Reply by Yang Moreau | Mon, 28 March - 10:32 am SLT

8O Thaaaat's not goood. ((In the totally awesome good rp way! XD))

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Reply by Jimmy Branagh | Mon, 28 March - 12:17 pm SLT

Uh-ohhhhhhhh ...

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Reply by Phaedra Underby | Mon, 28 March - 1:11 pm SLT

I do not know much about this Moriarty except that a number of people who one might consider to be brave tend to quake in fear or jump at the sound of his name. 

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Reply by Zaida Gearbox | Mon, 28 March - 2:21 pm SLT

*Runs to hide behind Miz Elleon and Miz Star upon hearing that Moriarty is around*

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Reply by Bianca Swift | Tue, 29 March - 12:06 am SLT

Agreed with Mrs. Underby...from what I've gathered, it's best to stay away...can't wait.

Yang Moreau's picture
Reply by Yang Moreau | Tue, 29 March - 2:06 am SLT

That hommunculus beast that was menacing everyone was used bodily to bring Moriarty back. We weren't sure at the time if the explosion and collapse of the building had meant his end or if he had gotten out. The man's dangerous to be sure!

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Reply by Gadget Starsider | Tue, 29 March - 8:19 am SLT

Oh Bugger

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Reply by Orpheus Angkarn | Tue, 29 March - 9:23 am SLT

Are we sure that it is in fact Moriarty? The man in the picture is quite distant and his details not clear. Let us hope for our own safety that it is someone else. (Although disappearing in a flash of lightening is rather disheartening, regardless of who is involved!)