Babbage Street Urchins

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In the dark corners of Babbage live these miscreant urchins. living everyday as best they can looking for fun and a few coppers. Orphans of society yet part of the big underground family that is the Babbage Street Urchins.

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Reply by Zaida Gearbox | Tue, 21 September - 9:12 am SLT

Ah was over 'splorin' in Winterfell yesterday, an' Ah ran into Miz Serra Ananzi herself!  Her say dat dey would would love de urchins to come an' visit.  On Thursdays at 5:00 SLT de Jaggers haff a poetry slam in Winterfell Absynthe.  As far as Ah can tell - one person get up an' read bad poetry, an' all de rest throw things an' heckle.  Sound laike a urchin event to me.  Ah bet if'n we ask real naice we could get de Jaggers to host a specifically urchin event at dere pub. 

((For those with problems with my accent:  I was over exploring Winterfell yesterday, and I ran into Miz Serra Anansi herself!  She said they would love the urchins to come and visit.  On Thursdays at 5:00 SLT the Jaggers have a poetry slam in Winterfell Absythe.  As far as I can tell - one person gets up and reads bad poetry, and the rest throw things and heckle.  Sounds like an urchin event to me!  I bet if we ask realy nice we could even get the Jaggers to host a specifically urchin event at their pub.))

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