The Beast of Babbage!


Last night me and me friend Nat was trying to catch the beest which 'ad tried to eat me pup and some people too! Nobody would beleeve us 'bout the hideous creeture so we 'ad erected a trap for purpose of apre'ending the foul wretch and I st..borrowed camera aperatus for us to get evidence of 'im. A peculiar gent in a black cloak appeared and warned us that the beast "has the strength of ten men and cannot die!" ... and 'e said that nobody is safe who dusnt 'ave fighting skils and then 'e said 'e 'ad to go cus the sun woz cuming up. Before we culd questyon the meesterious fellow more the beast was upon us! It is a creeture of such fearsumness to behold that I right nearly pood my breetches! It looks like a bloated baby goblin which as just been given birth too and 'as a stench of rotting cabbage. Anyways, it got entangled in our trap and I managed to get a plate of the foul thing but then it escaped and chased me mucker Nat saying "flesh!...yum" and sumfing that sounded like "ragoo" and then it took a chunk out of 'is leg! I think I got it wid me slingshot and it ran off leaving me old mate Nat bleedin like a bleedin bloody thing! I raised the alarm and as luck would 'ave it Mr Canis, Mr Melnik, Mr Tchailenov and Mrs Netizen was able to 'elp poor old Nat to Doc Watsons place and patch 'im up. I aint gonna sit around and let no 'orrible beest take a chunk out of me old mucker Nat! You mark my words I is gonna make that blighter pay and I 'ave started makin me plans for the MkII Iron cage trap and will be needing ten strong gents to test it for its robustnessing as soon as ive nic...aquired some materials from the ironworks.

The Beast of Babbage!


Mr Tenk's picture
Reply by Mr Tenk | Tue, 23 November - 8:50 am SLT

That is what Maggie and I saw in Clockhaven!

Bookworm Hienrichs's picture
Reply by Bookworm Hienrichs | Tue, 23 November - 9:14 am SLT

Gracious, what a horrid looking thing!

*makes sure her rifle is in peak condition*

Avariel Falcon's picture
Reply by Avariel Falcon | Tue, 23 November - 9:34 am SLT

The mysterious Turkey Baby Monster that is a Little Shorter than Mr Tenk is reveled! Yay!

Sheryl Skytower's picture
Reply by Sheryl Skytower | Tue, 23 November - 9:39 am SLT

*flaps arms helplessly*

Eep! Eep! Eep!

*moves tiny bookcase against door*

Jimmy Branagh's picture
Reply by Jimmy Branagh | Tue, 23 November - 10:18 am SLT

Yep thet's th' thing troyed ta boite me down near th' Consulate.  Be careful, it's moighty quick.

Breezy Carver's picture
Reply by Breezy Carver | Tue, 23 November - 10:29 am SLT

Oh My !!!!!!!!!!!  .. There does seem to creepy sounds in the air  ..  the horror  !! 

 Is No One Safe ???

Zaida Gearbox's picture
Reply by Zaida Gearbox | Tue, 23 November - 11:50 am SLT

Dat de monster dat tried to eat me up.

Mr Underby's picture
Reply by Mr Underby | Tue, 23 November - 1:26 pm SLT

It looks rather charming.

Blackberry Harvey's picture
Reply by Blackberry Harvey | Tue, 23 November - 1:52 pm SLT

Perhaps it just wants a hot cup of Aztec chocolate?

Brother Lapis's picture
Reply by Brother Lapis | Tue, 23 November - 2:15 pm SLT

I will believe it when I see it.

*puts on warm hooded jacket against the cold to go searching for signs*

Valice Davi's picture
Reply by Valice Davi | Tue, 23 November - 2:26 pm SLT

So that's what it looks like! Nat's picture was pretty accurate after all.

Nat Merit's picture
Reply by Nat Merit | Tue, 23 November - 2:40 pm SLT

Gadget was very brave finding help while I was bleeding all over like that...

(( Don't suppose there's any doctors free to stitch up my wound at 4pm are there? ))

Obscura Benoir's picture
Reply by Obscura Benoir | Wed, 24 November - 6:27 am SLT

eep* it reminds me on this *Stone eating thing*from the Never ending story O_o