((OOC)) Clockhaven Build Help/Inspiration Help


So I have basically been hiding away from New Babbage/SL lately because I am just unhappy with how my updated Clockhaven build is going. I haven't been really inspired like I was with Turnscrew Station, I mean it took me about a month to do that. and I have been sitting on the update for Clockhaven for a year or two now and can't get it done. I thought that putting the update of what I had started after Turnscrew Station would make me continue but it didn't help.

Anyway is there any one building that would look good there that I can pull together that would make everything looks good and fit into Clockhaven. I have a bit of an idea that might work to keep the bottom row which I do mostly like but if that has to go too I would probably do it.


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Reply by Arconus Arkright | Thu, 22 March - 1:27 am SLT

It's CLOCKhaven. I've always felt it needed some kind of way-too-big mechanical centerpiece, like an eight-story, inside-out timepiece of some sort or a steamy cathedral. Pretty architecture is, y'know, pretty, but I'd like to see a grand scale HBM-style building in that area.



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Reply by Cyan Rayna | Thu, 22 March - 5:36 pm SLT

I changed it but for some reason it didn't edit it in the main page.

Also a cathedral would be nice but not sure how I would transform it into something that would fit Clockhaven.

And a another addendum... I did try that with the Brewery in Port and it was nice but trying to make a huge machine for it was a bit of a hassle and tended to stay empty.

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Reply by River Falcon | Fri, 23 March - 2:25 pm SLT

I've seen some beautiful mechanical clock pieces on churches and cathedrals. How about a mechanical clock, that has dancing mechanical figures that appear on the hour, with an accompanying short musical chime?


(This clip comes from Munich town hall.)

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Reply by River Falcon | Fri, 23 March - 2:50 pm SLT

I do like the imposing idea of a large cathedral but I appreciate that some people may prefer to avoid adding elements of religion to their Second Life builds.

Why not a cathedral dedicated to the mysteries of space and astronomy? The windows and carvings could be dedicated to the wonders of the night sky The central tower could duel as a main clock tower for some large mechanical astronomical clock, as well as being the location of an imposing astronomical telescope for viewing the stars.

Spaceman Stained Glass Window: https://www.space.com/2109-stained-glass-reflects-astronauts-lives.html

Astronaut Stone Carving: https://www.theepochtimes.com/ancient-aliens-mysteries-of-the-salamanca-...


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Reply by Cyan Rayna | Fri, 23 March - 6:54 pm SLT

Hmmm an observatory would be nice, a huge observatory.

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Reply by Mr Tenk | Sun, 25 March - 12:37 pm SLT

that would have to go up top, not on the main drag facing south.

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Reply by Cyan Rayna | Sun, 25 March - 3:46 pm SLT

Actually found one that I like the look of that would fit in the main drag if I did it. The Godlee Conservatory in Manchester.


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Reply by Mr Tenk | Sun, 25 March - 4:08 pm SLT

niiice roof hardware

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Reply by Cyan Rayna | Sun, 25 March - 7:28 pm SLT

Yeah I saw that and was rather impressed.

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Reply by Mr Tenk | Sun, 25 March - 12:36 pm SLT

The Newcastle Library Flickr


look hard at the older buildings with the shabby roof tops and dents in the steps. no gaps between the buildings, only breezeways. clockhaven needs to have a claustrophobic feel to it. the sort of buildings that would later be lost to history, not kept as kitschy old timey relics.

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Reply by Mr Tenk | Sun, 25 March - 1:16 pm SLT

Here's a good example of what folks are NOT doing...



cantilever stories close the streets off from sky, making things a bit creepy

building on a sloped street WITH NO SIDEWALK GAP. fill in the low side with a foundation block or basement, DON'T step back from the street.

SIDEWALK GAPS - just stop it! you'll be hard pressed to find these in
real world building. sidewalks help direct water away from the building
foundations. to do otherwise would erode the mortar and lead to sinking foundations and building collapse.

Partially buried entrances (like the Bucket of Blood pub) are created when the street gets raised over time, like in NYC or Seattle (Old Skid Row). Clockhaven was built on an incline and is an old build, the buildings are flush with the sidewalks. you might find partially sunken porchs as the streets built up (I have a picture of one in Tallin, a medieval old town), but not to the extent of what you find in Seattle or New York City, which were built up quickly in a matter of decades, not centuries. 


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Reply by Mr Underby | Mon, 26 March - 8:41 pm SLT

According to town history, the Bucket of Blood was at street level approximately 40yrs earlier than standard "modern" Babbage time, when it was a tavern named The Coronet.

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Reply by Edward Pearse | Wed, 28 March - 7:17 am SLT

I like this one too. https://www.flickr.com/photos/newcastlelibraries/4075626713/

It has a mix of building periods. The thing to remember is Clockhaven is old and while WE think of 19th century stuff as old, for Babbage that's brand new (well 'ish' anyway).

And for comparison from the same set. Same location about 10 years earlier https://www.flickr.com/photos/newcastlelibraries/4075628581/ just look at the change in the condition of the right hand buildings between the two photos.

Also worth mentioning, take a look at pictures of the old Closes in Edinburgh. Seeing as you have that massive stair coming down from the north of the sim, maybe those might be of interest (and I've always loved the colour of the stonework in Edinburgh). https://www.flickr.com/photos/46114780@N02/15931467172/