To Mr. Tenk from Gabrielle Riel re: The Radio Riel Tower


January 19, 1918
St John Parish

Dear Mr. Tenk,

As you know, every year I have The Clarendon and the Radio Riel radio tower inspected. I just received the report from the inspectors and they have informed me that the tower has a crack across its lower risers.

I have weighed the options of repairing the tower or removing the tower, and after much consideration I have decided to do the latter.

Therefore, after 9 years in the New Babbage region, the Radio Riel radio tower will be torn down.

The report on The Clarendon was excellent, so it will remain in place, continuing to serve as the venue for Breakfast/Bedlam in Babbage and some Foot Tappin' Fridays. Hopefully we can also resume Riel Radio Theatre at some point in the near future.

I will send my minions over to handle the tear-down some time next week. I can arrange to have them leave the metal for scrap if you think anyone in New Babbage could use it.  Do please let me know.


Lady Gabrielle Riel
The Duchess of Carntaigh
General Director of Radio Riel