New Babbage Facebook group?


It seems to have vanished. Anyone know what's happening?


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Reply by Scottie Melnik | Sat, 5 August - 10:42 pm SLT

So the group is "City of New Babbage", right? At

I can find that group, or community, and see posts from July going back, though a lot of posts seem to be missing. But if I try to click "Learn More", which links back to this website, Facebook freaks out and posts: 


Link Blocked We believe the link you are trying to visit is malicious. For your safety, we have blocked it.


Could that have something to do with it? I don't Facebook very hard, so I have no idea if that's normal or if that's a separate issue.

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Reply by Edward Pearse | Sat, 5 August - 11:47 pm SLT

Nope. There's a "page" called City of New Babbage. No one else can post to it other than the owner. To solve that a GROUP was set up just called New Babbage. That's the one that seems to have gone MIA.

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Reply by Bookworm Hienrichs | Sun, 6 August - 3:55 am SLT

Hmm.  Check with Vic, maybe?

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Reply by Edward Pearse | Mon, 7 August - 2:47 am SLT

He can't see it either though he can apparently find it in search. I've left an IM for Tenk too.

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Reply by Captain Killian | Tue, 8 August - 6:28 am SLT

The old New Babbage group is still MIA today. At least it's not just me that can't find it. Thanks for following up on this with Tenk, Edward Pearse.

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Reply by Dee Wells | Wed, 9 August - 7:53 pm SLT

Now we know what could possibly go... what was that noise?

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Reply by Azura Loring | Thu, 10 August - 2:54 pm SLT

Kinda thought Facepalm .. umm Faceplantagainstwall .. ummm Facebook were a malicious site!

Adblock plus and Noscript have had it blocked fer me for years!

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Reply by Goat Fauve Aeon | Wed, 16 August - 7:49 am SLT

I can't see or search it. If FB torched the group, I am just going to start making any New Babbage postings over to here for sure. Been meaning to anyway and I am finding less and less use for FB in general. It's a shame all the fun and interesting links we have posted there are just *gone* but unfortunately it's not the first FB group I have seen this happen to. The other group that I was part of did not get returned to FB, no explanation was given and all the info that was not saved to someone's HD was just gone, photos, everything.


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Reply by Dee Wells | Sat, 26 August - 5:51 am SLT

For anyone who hasn't heard yet, the New Babbage Facebook page has returned from its vacation in another dimension. The clockwinder won't cop to it, but I think he threatened it with cat videos 0.O