(New) New Babbage Flickr Group


The previous New Babbage Flickr group was abandoned by its admin and has fallen into a state of quasi-porn graffitti nonsense that is constantly flooded with fashion blog and generic irrelevant imagery. I started a new one, the City of New Babbage group, and am seeking backup mods. Anyone with the time who has a habit of checking flickr at least once a day and feels the inclination, please contact me on FB or inworld and we can set you up (I check it several times a day myself, but things happen and we don't want to have to do this again). Anyone else who wishes to post NB images in the group, please do feel free to join and post away:


Thank you, Dee Wells.


Emerson Lighthouse's picture
Reply by Emerson Lighthouse | Sat, 29 July - 4:47 pm SLT

Wait a sec... are we filtering out the quasi-porn... cause... hmm...er... nah, nevermind, carry on.

Dee Wells's picture
Reply by Dee Wells | Sun, 30 July - 9:59 am SLT

*cough* Shtum, shtum... ;)

Azura Loring's picture
Reply by Azura Loring | Wed, 2 August - 6:08 am SLT

But .. but ... short skirts and booms!!