With more sightings of a monstrous creature roaming the sewers of New Babbage carving holes into the ground, a gathering of residents were determined to ascertain the truth. Splitting into two groups the residents armed with enough weaponry to destroy the city itself ventured down into the sewer labyrinth. While one group headed east and the other west it was a good half an hour before anything was seen.

“It sounded horrendous, like a possessed tram!” said one resident after returning to the surface. “And then in the darkness it’s grotesque face appeared with gnashing teeth and a large horn leading its way, filling up the whole tunnel. We realised there was no where to escape, it just collided with us, throwing us about as it plowed through the group.”

On the other side of New Babbage the second group apparently had no idea the calamity that had befell the first group. “We were not really prepared” said one gentlemen later as he was being treated for a broken leg, “We marched down into the tunnels expecting some silly contraption created by a mad scientist as is usually the case, but what confronted us, we didn’t stand a chance and our weapons were ineffective against its bulking hide.”

The second group could hear the screams and shouting from the first group echoing down the sewer tunnels and did not have long to wait until they too saw the horned monster racing towards them.

“Me and my friends got through into a small side tunnel,” Said one of the younger urchin members of the group, “It tried to follow us  but could not fit.”

Then it turned and charged the others down the main sewer before suddenly stopping. “it didn't attack.  It came forward several feet, but I held my ground,” Said one young woman in the second group, ”After a moment, it began backing up.  I paced it, keeping it just within sight, until it suddenly turned and quickly disappeared down another tunnel.”

Meanwhile the disheveled first group were slowly returning to the surface gathering in front of Town Hall to be joined soon after by the second group. Luckily no one was killed by the giant beast as well as the random shooting and firebomb throwing in the chaos. Reports are still coming in of people injured in their homes from items falling from shelves as a result of underground explosions.


Sir Alan Beowald Arrives in New Babbage

The reknown hunter Sir Alan Beowald made an appearance at City Hall on Saturday announcing that the creature causing so much disruption is a rhinoceros. During his time in the eastern lands Sir Alan claims to have battled such a creature before, but admits that he has never had the chance to hunt one of such a size and looks forward to challenge. 

“It is my duty to free the peasants of New Babbage from this beast”



Babbage Chronicle Periodicle - Marcus Goodbee



Bookworm Hienrichs's picture
Reply by Bookworm Hienrichs | Mon, 3 April - 8:49 am SLT

Heh. For a publication specializing in sensational (and often exaggerated) accounts of events, this is actually reasonably close to the truth.

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Reply by Azura Loring | Mon, 3 April - 11:21 am SLT

Yay! News!

And yeah some dang fool was using high explosives. Nearly lost me tail was so close to one explosion. I won't be able to hear proper for a least a week!

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Reply by Bookworm Hienrichs | Mon, 3 April - 11:42 am SLT

It is the New Babbage way, after all -

Nearly all problems can be solved by some explosives.

The rest can be solved by... more explosives.

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Reply by Azura Loring | Mon, 3 April - 12:01 pm SLT

Yeah, me knows but still, me ears haven't stopped ringing since!

At least warn a kitteh before lighting the fuse!

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Reply by Cyan Rayna | Mon, 3 April - 5:12 pm SLT

That's also the Babbage way, what's better than explosions surprise explosions.