Annual Midwinter Dash!

Added by Elilka Sieyes

To mark the Winter Solstice, our Annual New Babbage Midwinter Dash will start on
December 21st, at 11SLT (= 19 UK time)!

We'll start at Brunel Hall pool and sauna, then begin our mad run through the snowy streets to Perdido Street Turkish Bath - and then a dash across the frozen Quarry Lake to gather in the Smoke Sauna. Near the sauna we'll enjoy music by Victor Mornington, and dance beside the gigantic yule goat (which will be carefully protected from fire this year.)

Welcome, and bring your towels (or have one provided to you)!

Elina Koskinen (Holmes)

Elilka Sieyes (Watson)

Victor Mornington
Academy of Industry