Municipal Build Registry

A repository of noteworthy builds from the City, past and present.
The New Babbage OrphanageMore »
Built October 24, 2015 by eku Zhong
The Orphanage Interior
The Orphanage Exterior
The New Babbage AtheneaumMore »
Babbage Square
Built by Aeolus Cleanslate
Maison HortaMore »
Built May 21, 2007 by
Bow Street DepotMore »
Babbage Canals
Built by Shaunathan Sprocket
Pearse'd & Cut New BabbageMore »
Built March 1, 2009 by Edward Pearse
The Devil's Closet and Sneaky VoleMore »
Built by Rip Wirefly & YoYo Underby
"Navy Pier"More »
Port Babbage
Built by Shaunathon Sprocket
Windswept BakeryMore »
Babbage Square
Built by Rip Wirefly
Mermaid ArcadeMore »
Port Babbage
Built by Pizzini Mayo
Mill of the FellsMore »
North Fells
Built October 15, 2011 by Nathaniel Lorefield
Mill of the Fells_001.png