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The fire of the blast caught her unaware and she was knocked unconscious as the beautiful club in Babbage Square went up in flames. The New Champagne Rooms, a stately brick building across from the town hall, was in ruins because some crazy harridan decided that alcohol was a bad thing and wanted to make an example of it.

After she was pulled from the flames by the ever brave and quick witted Jed Dagger and the rest of the Ladies Fire Brigade, Ahnyanka Delphin, otherwise known by most as Miss Ahnya, had to reconsider her options. Gathering her memories around her, she wandered off to Seraph City to lick her wounds and focus on her other club... always remembering her time in New Babbage fondly.

When she got the call for help from a good friend, she couldn't resist the lure of the sooty city and ran back. Walking down the streets she breathed the filthy air and sighed happily. Home.


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