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Mostly reformed air-pirate and relatively upstanding citizen of New Babbage. Greeter of new folk, helper of friends, fighter of enemies. Fiercely loyal, rather curious, slight tendency to over excite. Always armed, both with wit and weaponry. Affinity for books, hot cocoa and that occasional laugh. Extreme lack of culinary skills.

Co-Manager of 'Cuffs and Portside Books, Investigator for Terranova Investigative Services, Inc., Lay Member of the Church of the Builder.


All that is known of Sky Netizen's many years as an air pirate is based on hearsay found only in the seediest of pubs. “Sky the Red” is said to have a great many conquests to her name and is attributed as “The Terror of the Dawn” and “The Shadow of the Night.” One can only guess as to how many have fallen or have been helped by her hand.

Shedding her past, Sky made her way to New Babbage and established herself. In doing so she made a few deep friendships and had a handful of adventures. Over time Sky drew closer to her best friend, a certain rogue of a bookseller and fell madly in love with him. As they established their fighting club the two eloped. Now known as Sky Melnik, she happily runs businesses with her husband Scottie, avoids cooking and cleaning at all costs and has been known to encourage others to come to blows (all in good fun, of course).


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  • Bustle Burning Bonefires, Rampaging with Picket Signs, Pie

  • The Church in New Babbage is the last vestige of the Old Empire. This group is for those who wish to portray clerical or lay members of the church.

  • Tales from New Babbage is a semi-regular audio podcast, broadcast on Radio Riel under the umbrella of Radio Riel Players.