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How Do, I am Breezy Carver and I joined Second Life on October 31st , 2007. After five months role play in Fairy Kingdoms and Mermaid Seas , Thanks to wonderful friendships ,Breezy arrived in New Babbage in April of 2008. After careful fun observations , she decided invest in a couple of parcels and give back to the Wonderful city of Steam and Bricks,in a way she knows best,always from her heart with fabulous events, well planned and marketed, complete with her special signature style that always welcomes and includes all. I would like to think when it comes to Breezy it is Her caring and giving heart, a trait many know her for,her saucy wit that shall always inspire,Laced with a no nonsense brow that makes up this Most Passionate character.
Each month since August 2008, Breezy's Piermont Landing has shown the grid that Indeed Industry Marches On, but it also dances, and has a great deal of class and panache. Breezy's monthly formal Balls and build contests are the place to be for residents of the steam lands. Breezy can be found in any number of her gorgeous residences in New Babbage: Piermont Landing & The Mark Twain Study, Wheatstone Waterways; The Lotus in the Vernian Sea. She is co-owner of Ruby’s in The Steelhead Port, and Now proudly adds The Carrington in Seraph City to list.She is a New Babbage Ambassador ,RFL 2010 Co PR Chair & Teams Mentor.


Let's Just say it is a long long story. The Bricks keep Breezy here (grins) oh yes and each of the wonderful characters Breezy continues to meet and know along the way! Any given day Breezy could be going anywhere. Always Admiring and Enjoying a multitude Vintage Genres in designs from Creative Hearts and Minds of Builds in Designs and Thoughts. Breezy has some most special bonds of friendships,enjoys dancing and exploring with her Dear Distinguished Partner ,Dr. Rafael Fabre, and of course always ... Bright Happy Twirls.

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  • The Church in New Babbage is the last vestige of the Old Empire. This group is for those who wish to portray clerical or lay members of the church.