Going to the Devil

More fun than I have had in fortnights! I had parked my Go-Devil at the ice fishing shanties a few days before, after testing out the race route and such. Got there early for what I figgered would be a prime position in the race, so confident I was in my skills with that rough handling diesel burning whirligig. The flag falls, we all take off.


June 9th: Lo's bad week - An overdue talk (Part 2)

Lo ran for a short while, though Arnold was able to gain on her long before she collapsed onto the street next to a lamp post, sniffling and wiping her face with her arm.  He came to a rest next to her and shook his head apologetically, "I didn't know that you didn't know. Not for sure."


Shrove Tuesday 2012 - The 5TH NEW BABBAGE PANCAKE RACE!

It's that time again :)

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