The White Rabbit is now open... again!


Some time ago, there used to be a restaurant in Clockhaven named "The White Rabbit". A fine dining establishment enjoyed by many, with dishes created by the wonderful residents of New Babbage. Voles, wiggyfish and exploding desserts featured on the menu. Sadly, an explosion in the kitchen shorty after a new insurance policy went into effect closed the restaurants doors forever... Or so it was thought. Thanks to some very thick stone walls to protect it from the blast, the wine cellar remained fully in tact. Due to a rather over zealous sommelier, there is more wine that I can drink in one lifetime even if I try really, really hard. 

Next time you're looking for a place to "be" try the "White Rabbit" in Clockhaven, conveniently located below the Palaeozoic Museum. There is a lovely table set up for two, in case you were missing the cuisine.  ( )

What could possibly go wrong? 

The White Rabbit is now open... again!


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Reply by Captain Killian | Wed, 28 September - 11:46 am SLT

I've heard it attracts all kinds of folks, nefarious and otherwise.

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Reply by Mr Tenk | Wed, 28 September - 6:55 pm SLT

i heard it shows up in some novelthing that is sitting on someone's harddrive...