Wisconsin Road Trip?


This is totally "out there," but i've heard that Canolli is trying to get to the House on the Rock 0n June 23.

Not sure if I can make it, being overbudget with the price of gas on the last roadtrip, but I would be totally willing to send along some cash to make sure everyone has enough tokens for the music boxes.

For those that don't know:  The House on the Rock is sort of, how to say this, a holy of holies on the American road trip circuit. Neil Gaimain had to tone it down in his novel, American Gods, just to make it seem believeable. Just up the road, towards Baraboo, is the Forevertron, the largest standing junkyard art collection in the world. I've only seen it through the fence, and it's totally worth seeing. Circus fans might enjoy Circusworld, 40 miles NE of the House, located at the old Ringling winter quarters, though why they wintered in Wisconsin is a mystery to me.

The House takes about 4 hours to walk through. The ticket is pri-cey. Packing a sandwich is a good idea, as well as having some cash in your pocket for ice cream at the half way point. The junkyard, it's best to call ahead to make sure it's open.

And if that is not enough, there's the Dickeyville Grotto, about 56 miles to the southwest of Spring Green WI, the largest backyard catholic grotto  in the USA and one of the the finest examples of contretius dementius you ever will see. A testament to what you could do with your time in the days before television. I went through it after-hours on a cross country drive-by, the grounds were still open, and it was well worth the stop, in a very retro-bizarro way.

Is it steampunk? I dunno, but it certainly is buildy. Buildy seems to be the common thread in my endless asphalt circuits around the north america. If someone was wanting to come from overseas, I might be more motivated to find a way to pick them up from the airport.

Want to go?




Junie Ginsburg's picture
Reply by Junie Ginsburg | Mon, 7 May - 11:43 pm SLT

I would so want to go.  Alas, my schedule isn't forgiving enough for June.

Kristos Sonnerstein's picture
Reply by Kristos Sonnerstein | Tue, 8 May - 12:48 am SLT

Perhaps next year. I've put my foot down IRL and decided if I can find a friend in a place who can get me at a train station, I'm going to go places when I can scrounge up the cost of train ticket and room.

Grendel Footman's picture
Reply by Grendel Footman | Tue, 8 May - 1:11 am SLT

i'd go, but headed to kentucky in june to visit family

Nathaniel Lorefield's picture
Reply by Nathaniel Lorefield | Tue, 8 May - 8:33 am SLT

Theres a lot of smaller museums in the area as well. Mostly lead mining museums but a few other types as well.

I guess I should also mention that one of Frank Lloyd Wrights homes, Taliesin, is nearby as well.

Mr Tenk's picture
Reply by Mr Tenk | Tue, 8 May - 4:30 pm SLT

there is all kinds of weird stuff to see in wisconsin. and its the only place you can get those ziplock baggies of the giant cheese curds that squeek on your teeth.


Osric Worbridge's picture
Reply by Osric Worbridge | Tue, 8 May - 5:15 am SLT

I went and saw the Forevertron about 2 years ago. Very cool. Unfortunately, my photos were lost on my dead hard-drive before I could share them with all of you on Flickr.

ElvisOmar Oyen's picture
Reply by ElvisOmar Oyen | Tue, 8 May - 7:37 am SLT

I'm embarrassed to say, I live in Minneapolis, but have never been to House on the Rock. I'm very tempted, not least by an opportunity to give Canolli a RL hug.

Bookworm Hienrichs's picture
Reply by Bookworm Hienrichs | Tue, 8 May - 7:45 am SLT

Hey, I've lived in the Twin Cities most of my life, and I've not been there either. Or the Wisconsin Dells. Or anything in that area. That said, it's tempting, but I already have plans for pretty much most of June. (Road trip to Flagstaff for family reunion--woot!)

Osric Worbridge's picture
Reply by Osric Worbridge | Tue, 8 May - 7:48 am SLT

Don't beat yourself up to bad. I live in St. Paul and I haven't been to it either.

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Reply by Glaubrius Valeska | Tue, 8 May - 11:22 am SLT

I get a real Jack Kerouac vibe out of this entry, Clockwinder.

Glaubrius Valeska's picture
Reply by Glaubrius Valeska | Tue, 8 May - 11:27 am SLT

Vid shot at the House on the Rock:


Mr Tenk's picture
Reply by Mr Tenk | Tue, 8 May - 3:58 pm SLT

this gasoline situation is cramping my recreation of choice.

Nathaniel Lorefield's picture
Reply by Nathaniel Lorefield | Tue, 8 May - 4:07 pm SLT

I wonder at what distance the cost of taking the train balances the cost of driving?

Canolli Capalini's picture
Reply by Canolli Capalini | Wed, 16 May - 2:24 pm SLT

It definitely is a *GO* for me.  I've already made arrangements for days off from work, and am planning my route from Lexington, KY to WI.  It's not that far a drive, I suppose, but I'd like to drive through and see the skyline of Chicago since I've never been North of Kentucky (except for that little day trip to Cincinnati). 

ElvisOmar Oyen's picture
Reply by ElvisOmar Oyen | Wed, 16 May - 5:18 pm SLT

Canolli, I don't think I'll make it, but it's not impossible. In any case, please contact me or Elihu online before you go.