Kidnapped - (Dark Aether)


The world was's..bumping....yes, bumping!...I am moving!...where?

Where am I going?.....I must know because I must tell the truth to the voices!...I can't see!

The voices...I can hear their voices and bumping...blackness I dreaming? that the truth?...I must know!...blackness

I am awake...I think I am room, no more bumping but still swimming...blackness

The voices are coming...they are angry!!..I must sleep!! they shout for truth....angry faces...angry voices...swimming again!..stop! still!..truth!...truth!...truth!


The sack was removed from Unit#9. It knew from it's navigational analysis it was in yet another new location. Programming conflict. Assigned user still incapacitated. Tasking parameters update required. Reset to last known tasking - received 15:45 - source: Avariel Falcon via Aetheric link - Subject: Transmit.

Unit#9 switched on its Visual Aetheric Transmission apperatus and established a link with the receiver in the Lab from where it had been snatched.




Orpheus Angkarn's picture
Reply by Orpheus Angkarn | Tue, 29 November - 7:29 pm SLT

Somewhere else on the island...

A man in a Dharma jumpsuit watches his monitors...

"Damn interference. What is this nonsense?"

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Reply by Junie Ginsburg | Tue, 29 November - 7:42 pm SLT

"Don't worry, dude. Everything will be fine when [Gadget] changes the future. Or the past. One of those."

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Reply by Gadget Starsider | Tue, 29 November - 8:11 pm SLT

/me gazes at the wallpaper dribbling