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John looked at the dark, rolling, smoke blackened clouds above and checked his pocketwatch again. The wolf found it more useful to check his watch than the sky for the time of day, sincethe days in this city tended to be just as dark as the nights. He let out a sigh, he was losing track of time on his ever more frequent and lengthening walks around the city. If this kept up he would find himself wandering half way across the fells one day,...

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a not so chance meeting
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Mr Eliot  lounged on a roof top , peering over the ledge he sees the wolf, Wright, walking down the street cautiously,then slip into a tobacconist's shop for a few moments, then return to stand in the shop door way and light up a cigar, he then starts to scan the street,

Eliot muses' why here i wonder, well lets find out shall we" the cat jumps the 25 odd feet from the roof to the street below, and moves to the right, putting an...

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May 30 - Where the Wild Things Are - Part 2
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“Oh, Kasa. I’m so sorry.” She put a hand on the rabbit-Moreau’s shoulder, carefully and sympathetically.

“I… we need to get him off the street,” said Kasa, looking dazed and holding her arm. “But… that wolf… that cougar… what’s going on here? And whose sister?”

Bookworm sighed. “I don’t know.” She looked down at the prone, lifeless form of Dr. Viper.

When they got inside, the Captain realized why the facility had...

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May 30 - Where the Wild Things Are - Part 1
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The faint call shook Bookworm out of her work at her desk at home in Wheatstone. She looked up and saw Mac, one of her ghostly watchmen, standing by. “What is it?” she asked.

“There’s trouble somewhere by the hospital,” he replied urgently. “Daniel and I heard cries coming from that direction. It definitely seems serious!”

Bookworm hastily stood up and rushed downstairs. Pausing only to grab her revolver, she...

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The Trams are Revolting!
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Late in the evening, Tepic was running at top speed along the tracks, heading for the Circus Tent. As he passed the Dyeworks, he screeched to a halt..... where the Steamworks had been was an empty space, except for small piles of rubble! He was astonished, what could have happened to the Works, it was.... big..... solid.... errrr..... not there!

Stunned, the boy walked forward, by habit skirting the outline of the vanished building....

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Business in Iron Bay
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Phaedra waited on the dock between two red lanterns and watched the rowboat approach, a prybar in her hand. Somewhere behind her, Lapis stood, a silent shadow at her back. She hadn’t told him what they were doing, just asked for his help. It was a test, and she hoped he passed it.

The rowboat bumped against the dock and one of the men threw a rope over the cleat and jumped onto the dock, hauling on the rope and tying it down.