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In the Catacombs
Posted by Emerson Lighthouse on February 23, 2015 at 5:45am ...7 replies

"Miss Psaltery, does that manhole cover appear to have been moved to you?" inquired Bookworm, pausing by the steaming sewer cover near the entrance to the catacombs.

 "It's hard to tell," Garnet replied, leaning in for a closer inspection. "The steam has melted the snow from all around it but it looks as though there are several sets of footprints leading to and away. Do you think the man...

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-Jekyll Writes- New Town, New Life
Posted by Nyanka Jinx on February 22, 2015 at 12:25am

     -From the private journal of Dr. Henry Jekyll-

22nd of February, 18xx

Finally, I have purchased a proper journal to record my thoughts. In the event of my untimely death or dissapearance, I hope this book will be found by someone sympathetic to my troubles. I don't plan on such a tragedy occuring, but with my condition I may never know.

I have been in New Babbage for about a week now. It's a...

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Feb. 2 - Unsettled Trip (Part 1)
Posted by Felisa Fargazer on February 21, 2015 at 1:23pm


At the familiar, and still hated, voice, Lisa stood up from her cleaning work. “Sir.”

“You are to assist the Professor again today,” said Canergak.

“Yes, sir,” she replied demurely, hoping that would be all he said. His cold gaze, though, pinned her in place. “Do not think that I approve of what you are doing,” he continued. “It surprises me to learn that you had some other talent I had not yet ascertained....

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Mortimer rubbed finger along his upper lip. He was about to give those pioneer mustache hairs a chance to prove their worth. To give credit its due, the urchins, in gratitude for receiving only half a beating when a full thrashing had been in order, had helped him understand something truly profound.

 "If she can't go past that line you could have gone right up to her and got a real good...

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Posted by Emerson Lighthouse on February 18, 2015 at 6:26am

The little urchin boys hadn’t run far, Mortimer found them idling by the old tannery on the corner of Prince Dakkar and Hyde. “You two shrimps are a couple of bandersnatch farts,” said Mortimer, fearing they might have seen him running from the catacombs. “I’d punch the snot out of you both but I need you to tell people how I’m not afraid to go to the catacombs and yell Dunsany.”


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Posted by Emerson Lighthouse on February 17, 2015 at 7:18am

One of the benefits to carting wood every day was that it kept him in shape. Mortimer was big for sixteen, his shoulders were broad and his arms muscular. He was elated by the intimidation and respect his size brought him and  that motivated him to get even bigger. He couldn't afford to go to the gym but push-ups and chin-ups and sit-ups were free. When he wasn't delivering wood, Mortimer was obsessively pumping himself up. ...