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Scottie Gets His Ears Lowered

“Can’t I just wait for it to grow back?” Scottie asked in a pleading tone. He was sitting bolt upright on a stool directly in front of Sky. His face was a picture of desperation, as if he was about to lose an old friend.


Bar Wars: A Whale of a Good Time

Scottie and Sky held their breath as much as possible as they crept into the stench-filled, darkened warehouse which connected to the bar known as Ahab’s Bane. As they carefully made their way across the large room towards the bar Scottie said in a hushed tone, “What the?” Sky quickly covered her mouth to keep from bursting with laughter.


Bar Wars: The Mushy Gherkin

It was well into the early hours of the morning and the last call at the Muirsheen Durkin had been given long ago. Though the bar was dark and silent two shadowy figures crept through the doors. The larger figure carried a full sack on its back while the smaller tiptoed quietly in front, being careful to dodge any obstacles that lay in their path.


Bar Wars: 'Cuffs

Sky stretched as she rose from her chair in the Melnik Warehouse, her eyes bloodshot from staring at decorations, renovations and paperwork over the past several days. Her neck popped as she craned it upwards towards the racket above her. Scottie and the workers were making good progress, it seemed.


Going Home

Scottie and Sky loaded up their airship, crates of Ravilan Wine being stacked neatly on deck. Sky looked around and noticed that there seemed to be fewer canvas bags than she’d packed, “Um, darling, where’s all of my luggage?”

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