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The wanderer returns...

The nights had been drawing in long and long in the city.  As the cold winds rushed in from the north, the rolling fog got thicker and thicker in the mornings.  Winter was arriving.


The Port Incident

Vic was sitting back, looking over the plans for the Savoury Street Market while one of the Port Boys, a Mr Hampton, told him of the going on in port less than a few hours ago..

"...and then their throat got ripped out!  Clean out i tell ya!  The other lads didnt know what was happenin!"


The Shipwrecks of Brunel Hall

It was a brisk March morning in New Babbage.  All of the snow had melted leaving the brown limestone streets exposed to the weather.  The skies though was a little clearer than normal due to the annual oiling festival taking place.


The line of cargo ships...

It had been a hektic year so far for Mr Dorchester.   City Hall was still being rebuilt so he was forced to work out of a small back office in The Gut, and even worse, he had to report to the "office" of Mr Tenk, which was basically a pub.


New Tax Laws - From City Hall

From The Offices of City Hall

Dear Citizens of the City State of New Babbage

No doubt you have all heard about the impending taxation of candy which will be rolled out at the end of this calendar week.  Many people have called this the "happiness tax" or the "urchin tax". 

Will this taxation be harmfull to Urchins?  Not at all!

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