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Gadget frowned, "and you are sure this enormous weapon thing is one of the Clanks that fellow 'opkins mentioned?".

"Suggestive but inconclusive. Density analysis of grease residue deposits matches those recovered from debris at the Van Creed warehouse" stated Unit 33, "and magnetic field analysis suggests identical grade Iron. They use the same supplier".

Gadget pondered this...

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Chronicles Update
By The Reporter
March 30, 7:09 am
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   The Clockhaven Chronicles (2nd Ed/1st Ep): Day of the Dragons, released to!

  Only a couple more days until Barnes and Noble!!


For those who were not aware - Penny Gaff Publishing, LLC has its own Facebook page...

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“Why in all that is right angled did they send me on a long sea voyage during the Squared Week fast?” Elim moaned.

He clutched the railing for strength and stability. He did not know what was going to kill him first, the sea sickness, or the pounding head ache.

How long was the trip from Cape Town to New Babbage?

Father Calculus did not mention the length or breathe of...

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((continued from the last night of the Oiling Festival, see last few posts. I do ramble on don't I?))

I'm falling in utter darkness.

One sharp bump on my bottom off of stone, and I land in cold water with a splash - and am submerged. Pushing to the surface, my head breaks through and I spit out a large quantity of filthy water. Blech. Fortunately, whatever I have landed in is not...

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By Gadget Starsider
March 28, 1:15 pm
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For 3 months Unit #33 had operated in fully autonomous stealth mode and finally the persistence of its search had paid off.

From its various shadowy observation positions it had not taken long to process a tactical analysis of the target. The gigantic gun platform was more than formidable and a switch to offensive mode now would be a futile, suicidal gesture. It had watched...

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On Merry Mayhem
By Erica Fairywren
March 26, 2:38 pm
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Out of habit, I stomp my feet on the stoop of the Gangplank, though no snow or other detritus is in evidence on my boots. The large wooden door, its handle polished from frequent use, invites, nay, challenges me to enter. I look around to see a warm flickering glow from the stained glass windows and an hear a muffled din from within. I turn the handle and the door opens with a pleasant squeak...

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Pictures from the ball are now posted at link

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I burst out of the Gangplank door, and take a loud lungfull of the lovely night air. The evening fog has come in, thick as mustard and about the same colour. I look up, enquiring at the clock. A mess of hands, doubled, nay trebled, am unable to divine the hour. It's... late. High time for home and some soft piece of furniture.

The door makes a squeak and closes behind me. I turn around...

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What a great morning. Could it be any more perfect? thought Emerson Lighthouse as he took a long slow drag on the day’s first cigar. He was sitting at the bar in The Gangplank with a fresh mug of bitter black coffee and the daily paper. The Oiling Festival had just ended and he was reading a review detailing all the fantastic builds in and around the city.

He turned at the...

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It is just as I imagined it. Striding confidently over the cobbles, the air relatively refreshing by Babbage standards, it IS a fine evening. Capital!

Crossing Melnik Square, the wide expanse of the ports burst into view. It is quite the flurry of activity. Dozens of workmen, either milling about the piers or suspended high in the air above, are feverishly at work against the fading...

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grrrr  ok   links here .. (( grins ))


Join us today, Monday 26th March at 2pm SLT in our beautiful studio in Garden of Dreams when we will be showing an exciting show to mark our...

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Remember guys, if a girl declines to dance with you, suggesting that it would be "a good experience for her" to rub her face all over your genitals isn't likely to sway things in your favor, especially if you're a a 7'4" tall North American lion who is a "practicing" physician, healer, chemist and mechanic from Caledon.

I'm just saying, you know, hypothetically.


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