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The Mystic Cat hung in the void beyond the Aether Cracks, surrounded by a vast whiteness. With nothing existing in this void, the ship had retaken its normal appearance. Inside, shielded from the effects of the nothingness, Orpheus paced. He had just entered the void hadn't he? So why did it feel like days had passed with no incident. Then he remembered what he had found from his probe - time...

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Penny Gaff Publishing is proud to announce the release of the Clockhaven Chronicles at Barnes & Noble:


We're still awaiting...

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OOC still alive
By Grendel Footman
December 21, 7:56 pm
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i know I've pretty much dissappeared from Babbage and SL as a whole the past few months, RL situations the last few months has seen my house catch fire, hospital time, and my remaining computer giving up the ghost.


suffice to say sl hasn't been a priority right now, once things have settled, I will be back, but until then, there's some rl things that have to be taken care...

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Star finished pushing the last of the soil around the roots of the plant and turned her back on the door to wash her hands in a basin of water. The flower shop was everything that she’d hoped it would be and she felt assured of its success.

The bell jangled as someone pushed through the door. She heard a sharp, distasteful intake of breath, “Well,” Said a woman in clipped, disapproving...

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OCC: Back in Black ...
By Osric Worbridge
December 29, 3:00 pm
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Greetings to all,

I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas.

I am happy to announce that, after 10 months without a computer, I have a nice new black box of wonder.  (For those who want to know: Gateway FX Intel i7, 8GB DDR3, 1.5TB HDD, ATI 6750)

So from the Typist, and all of my SL selves, we look forward to...

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Welcome Home, Henry Sharp
By Junie Ginsburg
December 29, 11:18 am
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"It’s espressinth. And wow, this guy is heavy. Why is he so heavy?  You're small.  Mumsy Abigail is small. Why can't everyone in your family be small?"

Scottie Melnik continued to complain as he and Junie Ginsburg walked up Symington Quay toward Academy of Industry, where he had agreed to deposit her unconscious cousin, Henry Sharp. Henry himself was...

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It was Sunday afternoon.  Bookworm had set aside, for the moment, the news Gadget had brought her of his work on battle clanks, and had disappeared into her studio to work on developing pictures.  On a trip into the kitchen for a break and a snack, she heard the front door open.  She hurried to the front of the house, and there saw Mariah, just closing the door.  Mariah...

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The Queen's Message
By Emerson Lighthouse
December 27, 7:08 am
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“I come bearing holiday greetings,” said Junie, smiling as she held out an envelope addressed to the Daggers after Jed had opened the door.

“Thanks,” said Jed taking the envelope. Jed raised her eyebrows as she looked at the card inside. “Mumsy looks so...delightful.”

“She has her days,” said Junie.

Jed shifted her gaze from Junie to the man who stood behind her with a...

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Best Snow Sheep!
By Avariel Falcon
December 27, 5:33 am
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Lots of wonderful Snow Sheep this year! Well done to all who entered!

Below are the winners in each category, each of which win L$1000!


---> Baaaaaa! <---


Best Snow Sheep - Sculpted / Mesh Category.

Sydney The SnowSheep by Ceejay Writer.


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Lisa settled into her bunk above the Imperial Theatre, hugging the stuffed bunny she'd received at the Urchins' Ball.  She couldn't help but feel a bit of anticipation fluttering in her stomach--after all, it was Christmas Eve.  This was the night that Santa was supposed to deliver presents to those who had been good, whatever that meant.  Still, the cats had indeed received...

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Leia Berithos - 1st place: 1000L



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